GOP’s Moral Chasm

Nikki my ears were on fire towards the end of your comment as to why America must withdraw from the Human Rights Council. My God, we’re scolding others while all the while Republicans have ripped babies from mothers’ arms just because they’re escaping the very abuses you and Don take umbrage with. Really!! What good […]

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Navy’s MCPON Set Adrift

I guess all you really need to know is that I struggled against myself not to pen this tirade, but as you can see I lost; now you judge. At the dentist office the other day, I picked up—actually stole—the latest issue of the Navy Times. Drawn to the cover story: “MCPON GONE” (Inside the […]

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Come 2020. . .

[According to the New York Times Senators Liz Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Brooker, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris are off to the Race (2020).] Let’s get right to the FIRST BLIGHT on this list: Biden. Biden like Obama did not feel it necessary that he (who had lost a son in the Military) go visit […]

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Ganders & Gooses

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter resigns as chairman of company’s board after apologizing for a racial slur.  This is BULLSHIT! Unless and until every Black Jackass in America stops using the N-Word no White Person is liable. And it starts with Rap!! Go to any school from 2nd Grade to College Senior and you will hear […]

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Equity & Common Sense

President Trump, while speaking to NATO’s Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg repeatedly used the phrase: “How do you explain that???” Trump was referring to the fact that Germany pays Russia billions for their oil supply; while all the while America spends billions to protect Germany from the oil supplier. Of course, the Secretary-General gave less than […]

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The God–Don Correlation??

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2 It is no small matter that Don and God both only have three letters in their names. Further, it must be considered as in the matter of kids in a cave. God did not halt the monsoon […]

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A Streetcar without Poetic Justice

Now forever I’ve been fuddled by the celebration of Streetcar when it amounts to nothing more than Rape without Prosecution!! Since its release, I’ve not heard one Broad critical of it. Where’s the Poetic Justice?? It’s more an Aesop Fable that goes: If a Broad’s Looney; then just rape her sane again. 50/50 chance things […]

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