To my shock and dread, I’ve just accidentally discovered that Google has maintained a database on over several million porn sites I’ve browsed since last night. Folks, forget all that BS that the Government is all up in your ass; there’s no need when all they have to do is bop on over to Google […]

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Doing it in Heels!!

Now, of course, the greatest dancers ever are Nicholas Brother’s hands down; unless, by chance, you’re blind or just a White Inferior Supremacist.  And there still are those unrelated to Hitler’s Spawn who maintain that Ginger Roger’s dancing partner was the best male dancer. Taking violent umbrage to such nonsense, as if I had to, I […]

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I am not Paris Dennard or Amy Homes or Omarosa (albeit my Mom lives in Youngstown) and what I’d like to know is that from the day of the Charlottesville Clash to the moment this is read, by those in the Know, just exactly how many Black on Black Killings have occurred. If less than […]

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Hey, Ali, remember when I tried to get you and Hallie to confirm whom I was watching (rip that obfuscating republican) because as I said I really couldn’t visualize a difference between Hallie and Stephanie. I went on to tell you why: had double eye surgery. You didn’t believe me. Well, I can finally depict […]

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Dr. Dyson, I’ll be brief for, as you may know, I’m very long-winded—and angry—to the point of annoying. Also let me say that I’ve never referred to any professors as Dr. or even professor other than my Japanese, Chinese and Indian teachers in those countries. And which is not to say that I did not […]

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Denouncing: The Rider on a Pale Horse

Mr. President: Don, when you give your address condemning Hatefulness, please do not forget to remind us (Blacks) that just as denigrating as symbols of Racial divide is also the fuselage usage of the N-Word towards each other [coming only from Blacks’ mouths—and as young as seven—since 1980]—as spawned by Rap. . . Honestly, that gottdamn […]

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