Punxsutawney Phil’s Prognostication

My three-year-old made an interesting comment, which was both profound and naughty; as we were watching Phil dragged once again from his warm burrow. She said, “Shit! Of course, he has to see his old dumb shadow. They’re taking him from somewhere warm out into bright sunlight which ain’t even warm. He’s probably asking himself: […]

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Professor Higgs (Independent Institute), I’ve written you twice to say that your conclusions on Japan’s bombing of Pearl were no different than mine which I wrote in 1964 and again in 1998. Recognizing that your Institute is a brain bank of scholars, I felt it incumbent upon me to note that I only have a […]

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Two Be or Not Two Be

By William Mucho Bull Okay. I’ve managed to stay out of all Public Discourse on the matter. But, alas, with the times being what they are, I must speak up. No longer will I deflect and avoid the matter by taking up distracting issues like sexual assault and how it is a massive lie within […]

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“Tomorrow is Another Day” Not a moment too soon, Mister Eddie that you take a much-needed powder. And, yes! Go pick lettuce and ruminate on this epilogue you just gave regarding Tomorrow is Another Day. Paraphrasing the gist of your closing remarks about the ending of Another Day: You say the movie begins somewhat symphonic […]

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Seven Million Dollar Manicure: Or Lady’s Choice (take off your shoes and let’s dance)

Steve Wynn & The Manicurist By William Mucho Bull But, let’s begin with this: Once Upon Time in the Navy, when knocking on my girlfriend’s dorm door, her next-door neighbor, opened hers, saying that Midge had to go out and that to let me know she’d be back in about two hours. She then graciously […]

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Like Ships in the Night

Naval Commanders In Two Deadly Ship Collisions To Be Charged With Negligent Homicide https://n.pr/2rhDgCs Whoa! What the !!!! Listen! I stood a few thousand Lookout Watches [Port, Starboard, Focsle & Fantail] in typhoons and unabating fog! Thus, punishing anyone but the Watch Stander is a load. While on a lookout watch, the only FRICKEN person […]

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