#CeaseFire: Blacks are their Own Fault

Sunday, 6 Aug 2017: I just caught a small, irritating bit of Errika Bridgeford’s conversation with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts concerning the mayhem of Baltimore. Frankly, I didn’t know whether scream, bang my head into the wall, or just walk into on coming traffic. When Blacks come on TV blaming everything and everyone Except US for what WE are doing to US—in earnest since 1975, and in full-throttle by the 80s until this very moment—I wonder if they’re on the same planet as I?

There were 205 murders in Baltimore just during the month of July; now, if Bridgeford were forthright or even Roberts the newsperson even more so; either would have open the discussion with the disclaimer that of these 205 deaths, maybe only 9 were police related. The others fall within the confines of Black and Hispanic antisocial norms, and of course, the majority naturally falling to Black on Black continued ego-driven insanity.

Bridgeford, not very well equipped for the stage she was upon, went immediately to blaming everything and everybody but US for the dead in our backyards. And I would venture that of that 205 dead not 50 finished high school. School has become nothing more than a Day Center for better parenting than obtained on the home front: nothing but disrespect and unpreparedness, coupled with fighting these worn down educators: jackasses on cells and yelling the N-Word all about and no one knows an answer to the topic of the day; yet all have some smart-aleck bullshit to say to get a laugh and which becomes their entire agenda of showing up at school at all.

Wait. I must confess that I CLEARLY come at this matter from a very jaundiced, prejudicial stance. See, from the earliest time of my life (maybe 5) I have never made an excuse about nothing, in that excuses are the mother of lies and contemptuous spinelessness. More debilitating, from age six to present, I have never toss any debris to the ground anywhere in America or any other countries traveled. Although. I did throw some gawd awful nasty Subway coffee down in disgust. And probably my most disqualifying factor, besides 50 plus years of empirical study of the issue at hand, for some unknown reason, I was imbued from age 6 with the obscene, idealistic insanity that Blacks would become more than what we have; hence, all to follow here will strike you as arcane and absolutely incredulous. Let’s begin with one of the conduits to Black Violence

The Rap Generation which came into full destructive bloom by 1980, bringing with it untold Black Deaths as have never been seen, not even during the heyday of the Klan! And far more than the Klan, Blacks proliferation of the N-Word has overshadowed every racist use by the other side, going back to that rueful day we were ‘cattled’ into ships for the New World.

Bridgeford spoke of America being the most violent place in the world. My god! How myopic! Of course, I recognize that it’s normally White who shoot up malls and schools with their worst crime, common to Whites, child-rape murder below the age of twelve; however, still, at the end of the day, they didn’t work in scorching hot fields or were subject to castration for taking flight.

By leaps and bounds, we’re far more guilty for slaughtering one another purely out of ego. Whites do shit cause they’re crazy. We do it because we have from birth to the homeland monopolized Ignorance and Arrogance and are about to take a Patent out on Idiocy (albeit WMD- Bush may have already usurped it).

After King’s Death in 1968, if you totaled the number of Black Death across America to right now, you might get 1003 cop-killing related deaths. While on the other hand, since 1968, Black on Black Murder pales only by comparisons to the scores of death caused by Worldwide Terrorism.

The Ghetto is not a housing area. It’s a place in that state of mindlessness, which reek disrespects on all civil society: such as playing that Rap-shit loudly in public places.   It’s that spawn that rides through the neighborhood in the wee hours blasting that cacophonous Rap-shit to the heavens. Have you ever felt your home shake from the sounds of Curtiss Mayfield and his Impressions singing “Keep on Pushing?” But, then, that was yesterday, when music had dignity, direction and positive, inspirational value.

King has flipped in his grave a million times since he uttered, “we shall be judged by the Content of Our Character.” What F—ing Character!! The few Blacks who report the news [disregarding Fox] and the smattering of Blacks in the political arena hardly suffice for all the mounting deaths. We have a slew of Black Athletes, now if only we can see a flood of Michael E. Dyson’s, Kamala Harris’s, Joey Jackson’s Sunny Hostin’s and Lamont Hill’s. And most certainly the likes of a Neil deGrasse Tyson (cause the future is out there). But, what we’re getting, sadly, the ilk of Charles Barkley who proudly stated that he had used the N-Word all his life and had no intention to cease and desists. Then went on to fumblingly host a program on CNN some how related to racism in America. Christ! Look in the Mirror! It’s Black Republicans like yourself, Charles! You’re certainly not a Republican of Jim Brown’s persuasion.

As a part of my empirical study [as if I knew anything], when passing through several college cafeterias, classrooms and just crossing their campuses I was dumbfounded to hear Blacks N-Wording left and right; oblivious to all ears that were uncomfortably embarrassed that we are so F—ing Stupid. [What the hell good is Black History Month?]

Of this Violent America History Bridgeford stumblingly referred, which I’m certain related to movies she had seen or just that nightly ruckus in her neighborhood, she somehow manages to ignore the fact that it is US! Forget the violence of Whites and Arab Terrorists amongst us! We are the fools who come up from slavery and who now mass murder one another! We are the fools unlike the heyday of the American Gangster who drive by homes where little children play willfully and obviously riddle the house with bullets, leaving in the wake, lives as young as toddlers, sprawled lifeless. Our egregious ego-driven crackpot-ism erupts as early as First Grade. I recall that from K to Twelfth, 98% of school fights were amongst Blacks. At social gatherings, in malls, when they’re not being shot up by White Folk, you can count on US to be fighting to shooting one another. [I recall one school fight in twelve years that involved Whites].

I nearly choked on my coffee (which wasn’t Subways) when Bridgeford raised the specter of Economic Conditions as if it were justification for Black Violence. Thus, I’m supposing that it can be deduced that nine-year-old, Jamyla Bolden [who lived in Thug-Bully Michael Brown’s neighborhood] was blown away by Blacks’ Bullets due to economic conditions. Moreover, little Jamyla was not on her porch or playing on the yard swing. Jamyla was in her bedroom [when bullets came from the street] doing what Michael Brown and other economically depressed Blacks of his ilk have habitually failed to do: gottdamn school homework.

I recall once, accidentally being at this International University in Japan; and which was not unlike landing on another planet simply because the student body [from all over the world] was Einstein smart. Often when I’d show up, teachers would look at me as if I had forgotten to wash the windows. I remember these girls in a quadratic equation class; they could solve the problems as if doing two plus two. During every test, they’d be walking out five minutes after it began. The janitor was kind enough to let me know that he’d shortly be turning out the lights. Furthermore, as I recall, not a one of those girls took less than ten subjects per semester. One lady got a B and brought a lawsuit against the professor. I could only pray that when I got back to earth, Blacks too—especially females—would be thus; apparently the eagle has yet to land. However, I do take solace in the fact that during that time, not once did I hear the crucifying sound of the N-Word. But, I guess that’s not fair since I was the only Black there; well into three years, window-washing skills were highly desired.

And let me say this Ms. Erricka Bridgeford: I fault Black Mammies most of all for all the killings (stop driving Black men from the home and let them put on the front of being fatherly. Even in my day, it was near next to impossible to see a man in the house; namely because, from my vantage point, Black Women, more than most, are slightly MORE stubborn and intractably bossy, coupled with gratuitous arrogance!! Thank god my Mom was not one of these idiots hanging from our family tree.

And it is almost a derivate of parenting gone awry; albeit peer pressure plays a role, I give you the following: I drive onto my street at 3:30 in the morning. Standing just in front of my driveway is Black Kid maybe16-years-old with his girlfriend hanging on his arm s if in anticipation. I say excuse me. I’m driving in there. He fires back with a slew of MFs and a whole lot of bullets, maybe eight from a Smith & Wesson; had it been an Uzi this story could not be told. Ms. Bridgeford does a lack of opportunity prompt this level of ignorant malevolence?? If so, then my generation, my mammy’s generation and generations back to the shores of Africa certainly missed that boat!

Anyway, this little Black SOB [not from my neighborhood] simply sought an opportunity to kill any hapless victim coming his way as a means of joining the Bloods, the Crypts or whatever asshole gangs were afoot at that moment.

So, as this jackass is trying to kill me, after I had survived Vietnam [although a Cobra came close], I honestly thought about the Content of Blacks’ Character; lamenting how grateful I was that I had lived to witness a brief—a very brief period of Black Unity—a period wherein (at least, where I was, Oakland, California) that no one—absolutely no one ever used the N-Word—not even when beating the crap out of each other. [And for whatever reason, West Coast Black Females soured in Real Intelligence (none of this loquacious pontificating), and they also scored high in social graces; they would speak when passing by; the East Coast Black Female has yet to come upon such a Eureka epiphany. Hell, back then all Blacks would speak with phrases like Brother, Blood, Right On, and Keep on Pushing. In foreign countries, this was a phenomenon to the locals, as they’d ask, “Do you know him?” No. It’s just the Content of Our Character. Yet, whereas today, unless you’re a fellow Thug, Blacks pass each other with their fists clenched.]

One man foisted this period of BLACK UNITY! Stokley Carmichael simply reminded us that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and from point erupted a sea change in the Black Culture. Because, honestly, we did not know that we were Beautiful. [And little, fat-booty, Judy Brown, who lived across from me said she didn’t give a damn what Stokley say, I was still ugly.]

But, alas, Black Unity was all but for naught by 1975 as the Black Community hurled headlong into the abyss. Which was Due in part to the onslaught of Rap: Naughty by Nature and the spawning of Boyz in the Hood, Menace II Society, and Blow it Up. Once upon a time, Blacks whined about being playing roles as maids, butlers, and pimps. What a difference??

And that Rap has inexplicably succeeded as it has, I’m thunderstruck that Blowfly didn’t catch fire?? Because at least with Blowfly, we’re spared a fuselage of denigrating N-Words and its byproduct: massive, senseless killings—on a nightly basis.

While we hopefully hope for a Cease Fire, let’s also pray that a Cease N-Word follows. Having sailed much of the world (America as well), I’ve yet to hear Whites and other Races refer to each by the epithets laid on them down through the ages by Whites.

I guess they do not possess the Content of our Character . . .




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