Fox’s Women: Moths to the Fire

Eric Bolling, whom I dislike intensely, namely for his paper mache patriotism in avoiding military service (like John Wayne); when in all probability, like Wayne, he too may have played college football, still has my support against any crap some Fox broad claims! However, likewise, I fully support the reporter who brought this indiscretion to the fore. [Eric hates my guts for the Wayne comparison. Take solace. Wayne was the first so-called America Icon. Right up there with the Bald Eagle.]

Anyway, beyond all shadow of a doubt the only criminal—regarding anything sex-connected—are females older than 15. This includes every lying military harlot with that BS sexual assault bile! Does anyone know what the military does over seas when it’s not doing military stuff!!

And why hasn’t there been rampant likewise reports from the Bearing Straits to the tip of Antarctica as far back as The Great War of how America’s Finest have gone F—ing wild towards any female that catches their lustful glare!!

Can it possibly be that maybe, e.g., that every female I’ve ever encountered on three Continents and numerous islands [including those working in bars] have had the unmitigated gall to possess a Higher Intelligence as well as a Higher Moral Compass than our that Military Lady of outrageous claim?? [Wherein no one ever has a torn garment or black eye??].

Moreover, need I say, hands down—Ladies across the pond are more refined sexually without breasts exposure as a hook: American Women’s weapon of choice, even when lacking interests!

The Winches of Fox—and especially those who sit on the couches & stools—have from inception set the world of journalism on its ass: The shameless display of beautiful bare legs, propped up beyond reason simply have no place in newscasts. And if that weren’t enough, they come baring bosoms with gratuitously low-cut dresses. Would Dorothy Kilgallen have so displayed herself?? Or? Does one have a better grasp of news with such visual aid?

Fox Broads come to the studio, knowing they’re going to be on the air, yet, despite their generous pay, they have yet to find a shop with dresses which will fall over their knees; thus, setting into motion all lexicographers to replace the word propriety with galling hypocrisy.

Before god created them Men were visual. So, at what point should Men shut down their gnome while all the While Women go bounding along without borders or restrictions to adhere?? Females enthusiastically embraced Playboy only to go on and demand Playmen as well (naturally I’m bitter having never received a call).

This new society, new wave, new garbage of femaleness seems to have come into being shortly after the 60s; and from which point no woman is ever wrong for anything [an obvious a psychological push back in support of the Broads of Film Noir who were always getting some idiot guy killed for being in love with them.].

Christ! Didn’t we let Jodi Arias go! Not to mention, Casey as well! Yet the fool who had supposedly so brainwashed Elizabeth Smart (as she was) that she couldn’t say to the cop standing next to her [on her toes] that she wanted to go home now, was sent off to prison for how long?

But, I digress. When I saw Fox’s Judge Pirro showing her case on a stool, and pretty case it was, I then thought that I should bring suit against at least the American Female, although all are guilty of a certain crime (which will automatically be blamed on males). I refer to the Evolution of Women’s Jeans. Just why do they have to be skin-tight? The argument that they’re equal and really not so different than men—an argument riddled with fallacy when you consider makeup; yet, although, this other new American Wave, Gays-R-US, does sort knock down my point—but, still, Booty-Tight Jeans do not make sense if you’re constantly bitching about being ogled and cat-called when passing along the thoroughfare of life. Blast me to the gottdamn moon: what is the fricking point of putting on tight pants to workouts; unless, of course, you’re going be a sub in a college or pro football game.

Now, as stated, males (the jean manufacturers) will take the blames because they made the jean and that dresses no longer felt feminine enough (booty hidden) or even Faddy enough to compete with ass-tight jeans, what was a poor girl to do? After all, didn’t men make those damn feet-hurting high heels and those damn bikinis!! And did they stop there? Before we released it they were even forcing hapless females to don thongs.

Thus, facing overwhelming facts, I dropped my lawsuit as I could see it going nowhere since the soft porn ladies of Fox [now with all females on TV following in their wake] would claim that men have been plotting against them ever since Nora slammed the Doll House door; ripping her high-neck Victorian dress to a low-cut and fleeing to the beaches scantily clad!

And so “To Hell with property” screams the Broads of Fox’s Outnumbered as they secretly compete against one another in gratuitous, bare legged, beautiful exposure while poor Eric watches from home.

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