Kamala Harris 2020 President-Elect: Here we go again Mitch McConnell, Duke and others:((

I don’t give a damn what Russia did or Trump (soon to come to light machinations), Hillary would be President had she listened. In short, don’t ignore me. Ignore Tweets from Voyager One alleging to have seen god, but not me (because I’m the millions of nobodies who matter)!

Thus, and regrettably, I withdraw Tulsi from the potential 2020 President-Elect based on what appears to be cowardice and the fact that she has the unmitigated gall to mute my Tweets. More on this momentarily . . .

Therefore, I push aggressively for Tulsi’s Vice-President Kamala Harris to become President-Elect Harris in 2020!! I hope she will stand tough and not wilt under the pressure. Wilting regards what I have charged Tulsi and every other gottdamn Military Veteran of Congress with: IGNORING along with Don (for whom I voted thinking he’d do the right thing) when it came to three major items:

  • Guaranteed Annual Pay Raises on Military Benefits (just like the do-nothing Congress. Wait! Do-Nothing Republicans)
  • Free Dental (not for all, then by the Justice of Heaven) at least for the War Veterans (Christ on Cracker! A Purple Heart does not afford you Free Fricken Dental where otherwise you might be fricken dead)
  • And finally, the so gottdamn overdue Nuclear Carriers for impossible Heroes: The USS Neil Armstrong (CVN-81) & USS John Glenn (CVN-82)…the gottdamn travesty of Bush and Ford getting Nukes before Men who actually did something fricken contributory towards the path of civilization is beyond galling. I’d throw Reagan in this underserved group but I’m sure to wake up tomorrow in Guatemala, exchanged for silence (I still may yet; I don’t doubt for a second that I’m not heard. What else could explain Tulsi’s cowardice of muting me?

The bottom line on Military Veterans in Congress: the first two items should have been the first bills from their new position of leverage. No more pats on the back and Thank for Your Service BS! Let’s see an Executive Order on all three positions. If we can give that traitor Chelsea Manning an expensive [Tax Payers Poke] Sex Change, god almighty why can’t a Purple Heart have his damn tooth extracted for free?? This asylum is being run by the Village Idiots!

Kamala: a female must be VP else you join Hillary . . .

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