Is it Chancellorsville or was that Charlottesville

[I hate my stupid smart phone. It keeps changing my words when I’m not looking, making me look even stupider!]

Anyway, everyone just relax! I’ve got the perfect solution to this current Racial Discord. I think everyone will be ecstatic.

Concerning some man on a horse or a horse pissing in the park. Let it stand. But on condition that for the next Twenty Years no Black Kills Another—especially ignorant-ass youth.

  • Whites cease and desist from Child Rape-Murder
  • That Blacks can longer use the N-Word not unless and until all other Races start using the White Man’s age-long Epithets towards one another;—specially Whites; they       must lower themselves to greet each other with “What’s Up my Hon#@!”
  • If Blacks break this Accord, then not only will the horse rider remain; duplicates will roll off assembly lines to be placed atop all major buildings across America (thus preventing their egging)
  • If Whites break with this Sanity Accord out of want of superiority and lording over, they shall be relocated, just as was the Native Owners [still] of the Country—of the Continent, to an outpost on Antarctica to establish a sovereign nation as envisioned by the father of their dreams: Hitler. (And most fitting as it is all so downy white.)

Now onto Jerusalem; got something for the PLO to gnaw on.

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