VA Getting Accountability, but

VA Accountability Act: “That’s never gonna happen when I’m President…Immediate medical care for the Veterans…World class treatment … that’s what they’re getting.” Hold the phone! No! Drop the phone!!

Okay, I just come in from the local tavern; pouring ‘em down out of worry that my insistent Tweets are being ignored by you Don, Mr. President—with your absolute promises to the Veterans [almost Barrack-like] that a better day is here…

So, you say Dr. Shulkin is doing fantastic stuff [job]. That Dean, Johnny, and Phil are on the ball (and begrudgingly, you didn’t mention as well as, as if to blame Democrats that any bill has taken so long come to fruition) when since before McKinley, Obstruction is been the GOP’s Battle Cry.

Wait. I was lying, Don. I was only drinking to overwhelmed my toothache, which I have had dating back to the Bonus Marches…So, to review: you said: “That’s never gonna happen when I’m President…” You said: “. . . immediate medical care for the Veterans…” You said: “. . . world class treatment … that’s what they’re getting . . .”

Okay, I’m not too swift, although I do have GED in Woodshop and I’m quite certain you never said, with any (pinning you down) specificity that the F—ing Egregious notion that a Purple Heart Recipient is not eligible for Free Dental nor is and any person who devoted 20 to 30 years service to the country!! They get squat when it comes to Free Dental.

But, however, in keeping with Travesty & Bonus Marches, if one contracts AIDS, then plop right on down in the dentist chair: we take care of reckless foolishly behavior that does not include stepping on IEDs, fending off bullets in an Afghan hillside, or just crashing a plane or car into something. And, by the way, tired of normal life, we also provide a sex change—even for Traitors like Chelsea Manning; and who knows, Beau Bergdahl just may be next. That is if his daddy or some male relatives compromised his moral compass, forcing him to later walk off sentry in a war zone.

Anyway, Don, and I can call you that. I don’t work for you; I voted for you. Also, my job is secure. I’d to see some CEO export shoe shining overseas. I’ve got a patent on it. And so I’m listening to you, Don pat Dr. Shulkin on the back as well as Dean, Johnny, and Phil Everly, while all the while, I am repeatedly slamming my refrigerator door with a string on the handle leading to my abscessed tooth. Last night I accidentally snatched my mustache off. Left the bar pretty damn tight. Anyway, I look years younger albeit still in pain. And, so, as I was saying, can we get some Specificity concerning Free Dental: [harkening back on” immediate medical care”]? Oh! And maybe an Executive Order that guarantees annual increases on Warriors’ (most Vets) Federal Benefits?? Meanwhile, I’m headed back to the bar to contemplate how Accountable this Bill will be if I can’t stop snatching off my mustache?? And I sure in hell don’t wanna go get AIDS. Damn!!


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