I’m now two days older than Methuselah, and although my memory is somewhat fuzzy, I do recall when Norman Rockwell thought only White Folks lived in America. (Maybe he was thinking of Montana.) If memory serves me, really it wasn’t until November of 64 when Rockwell apparently became aware of other kinds of folks. He […]

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History is on Don’s Side

Folks! Calm down. Don has history on his side. Immigrants will eventually overrun and take over the country. Proof in the pudding: Look what the Europeans did. Came in; basically, seeking asylum from oppression, and within the blink of an eye, slaughtered millions of the Natives who, to this very second, still own this continent; […]

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The GOP: Party of God

Shortly, after entering the first of the two religious universities I would attend; and really only because they were in walking distance and Harvard was too far and too expensive, the local Jesuit college became my first. However, I soon became disruptive and intractable: zealously arguing that I could not believe in god for one […]

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Waiting for Godot??

Several thoughts crossed my mind when seeing those babies being absconded through the streets of New York at night; destination unknown. Besides being violently pissed off, it occurred to me that this is not unlike the F—ing Trail of Tears or the Bataan Death March. Folks. As many of you know, The Divine Comedy is […]

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