Cher, I heard you speaking of Katherine Hepburn on TCM. However, what I did not hear was the most important fact about her. Well, let me tell you. Katherine created the sexiest scene in all of Film History. A fact which I had to point out to a pompous Prof Steven Marche (who wrote an […]

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Blaming Don??

by William Mucho Bull This title is obviously a ploy to engage readability. In a nutshell: this is all about us blaming anyone but us. Or, as you like, Blaming Don for blowing off King’s Holiday. Now, I’ll try to make this exposé, unlike my typical rants. Oh, the ranting will remain in full throttle […]

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Noir Opinion:((

Dr. Rudolph Flesch wrote in 1951 that “It would be impudent to tell intelligent, grown-up people how to think . . . ” However, reading this at age two, naturally I did not fully agree and, too, was oft to jump to conclusions [Mom! Did you take my pacifier? It was right here by my […]

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Looking for a Few Good Actors

Correction: I mentioned early on that Republican Actors sucked.  Please disregard that boneheaded comment. Because in our Hood, Van Johnson was a hit it big with us; namely for Battle Ground. Likewise, William Holden, too, was a big favorite because of Stalag 17.  Simply because they played characters with a moral compass, the thought should […]

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What fricken planet are you assa—nine—pole dancers living on? And, you Harris Faulkner, you are riddled with grand delusion. Did you say Trump’s comments were unfortunate?? You water carrying jackrabbit! I hope to meet every one of you diseased thinkers in Hell. At least that’s what I’ve signed up for; knowing not one of you […]

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