Ridiculous Sports Contracts

Been checking out the contract deal these NBA Players are getting. For the longest time, since its onslaught, I’ve felt that Rappers shouldn’t get more than bus fare and cigarette money, as Rap is synonymous with the proliferation of The N-Word and Black on Black skyrocketing murders since 1980. To bring this spawn into check, playing venues in Siberia and the Gobi should be their only destinations.

But, I digress. How crazy to pay jocks gazillions of dollars while all the while babies are dying of cancer before age twelve. Shouldn’t the big bucks go towards what has ravished Humanity since the dawn of time: Cancer?? Give Cancer Researchers the Sports Contacts!! Hell! They might even discover a cure for Republicans, The NRA, and hopefully, Fox (non) News! Quails and Squirrels’ll certainly be most appreciative.

The only sports person deserving of a multi-million buck contract is the Baseball Catcher who works harder than anyone in any sport!! Moreover, not only is the entire game on their shoulders; watching the entire field; he also has zero protection from runners crashing into him at the plate. [Runners should not be allowed to use their fricken hands!]