It is, in my humble opinionated-opinion that the 1982 film, Vice Squad, totally qualifies as Film Noir a million times over, say, 1944’s Phantom Lady! It is also clear that Wings Hauser did nothing but understudy Lawrence Tierney while drinking at the same bar with him. What else is crystal clear is that both Hauser and Season Hubley (smoking) were so ripped off for best Actors of that year!!

I’m requesting that TCM sends Tiffany & Ben on that long vacation until September and that you cover their segments. What a delight that would be!! Assuming no Phantom Ladies slips into your wine when friends come round beseeching your promotion of their book and sorts…

P.S. Claire (one of my all-time favorites) Trevor was likewise cruelly denied the Oscar for her best role ever in Murder, My Sweet.

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